Multimedia Piece: The American Blogger

Journalism today isn’t what it once was.  Back in the “old days” of journalism, writers would write articles for newspapers that were printed once a day.  And while the newspaper industry is still in commission, the new face of journalism is through blogging and multimedia pieces.

Let’s face it, no one wants to sit and read the newspapers every morning with a cup of coffee like they used to.  Since the technology industry has sky-rocketed over the past decade people are more inclined to reading the news that is sent directly to his or her smart phone the second it breaks.

With multimedia it’s the same deal.  People today, especially the younger demographic, don’t want to put in the effort to read news stories and would much rather put in headphones and listen to the two minute video of that same story.  And with the new interactive programs you can use with multimedia, why would people want to go back to reading news stories from a newspaper?

I’ll admit I found much better constructed pieces of multimedia than this one, however I felt the need to express my thoughts on this story about a man who is trying to capture the blogging world in a feature length movie.

Chris Wiegand and his family restored and old RV and are now traveling the country to meet famous bloggers from all around the country.  He goes to their houses and tries to get a feel for how they started their blog, what they like about the blogging community, etc.

I do think it is a cool concept of linking this unique industry that is made of up every kind of person imaginable.  Whether it be sports, music, books, gardening, etc. anything can be put onto a blog.  It’s interesting to see the different backgrounds of these people and it is definitely an interesting idea.

However, when you watch his trailer and read his website, all of the bloggers he interviewed and met with were good looking, young women.  Although the movie hasn’t been released yet, from the looks of the trailer and reading some of their blog posts as well, almost all of the women are created from the same mold.  I would have been much more satisfied with watching the trailer had he gotten a more diverse group of bloggers.

Here is the link to Christopher Wiegand’s website explaining all the information about his journey.  Also on the website you can find the trailer to his film, The American Blogger.


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