Technology in the Classroom

The days of sitting in class and taking notes from a teacher on the blackboard are slowly coming to an end.  With the advancement of today’s technology, more teachers are constantly transitioning to technology for class postings and notes.

Now that teacher’s can completely control their classes from the internet, students now have the ability to get information the instantly.  In addition, students and teachers can communicate faster than ever before without meeting face to face.

Below are five links that exemplify how using technology makes the classroom setting more productive.


This website just gives a basic overview on the different ways technology is now used in the classroom.  The website is broken down with multiple headings explaining the different ways technology is used.  Although the website is full of good information, it is not very visually appealing and the words in the background make it hard to read.


Twitter is one of the most influential websites today.  It allows people to stay connected with their friends and also serves as a new source for many of its users.  Both teachers and even schools and athletic programs have created Twitter accounts to post information about upcoming events and other news.  This website gives a list of how teachers can productively use Twitter as an academic tool.  The list format is very easy to understand and the pictures make it even easier for people to follow.


This was an article written by Bill Goodwyn on September 6th, 2012.  This article focuses on the perspectives of the teachers rather than the technology that is used in the classroom.  Goodwyn explains in this story that if teachers aren’t properly trained to teach, then all the technology they have is useless.  I 100% agree with Goodwyn’s stance because if the teacher’s aren’t qualified then work is practically pointless.


This is another website that gives examples of how technology is used in the classroom.  What is good about this site is that it shows both the positive and negative affects that each method has.  For example, it explains how productive personal laptops and ipads can be for the classroom, but also explores the negative aspects including cost.


This blog focuses more on the specific programs of technology rather than the techniques used as a whole.  This is a good source because it goes more in depth than the standard websites about technology in the classroom.  One specific item addressed is the usage of “SmartBoards” and how they can help be an interactive tool in the classroom.


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